Some things have been bothering me recently

Why did even my treasured NPR wind up spending a whole Friday recently following a non-event in Boston awaiting news of the catching of the Marathon bombers?  Mind you, the capture was news.  But the hunt??

That same day a fertilizer plant blew up in West, Texas, killing some 12 civilians (I think it was).  The plant was in violation of virtually every rational principle and several laws about safety in siting and running such facilities, long known to be innately dangerous.  The lack of regulation was a scandal essentially overlooked because of the media’s fixation with wanting to have the capture of the marathon bombers before everyone heard about it from another source.

It was as if someone had written a sound track for the O. J. Simpson slow vehicle car case.  Not news, but news waiting to happen.  What a crock.  It was entertainment.

Then there was the Justice Department’s decision to consciously withhold the reading of the younger brother his Miranda rights.  What was that about?  Perhaps it was some sort of attempt to establish the Justice Department as being superior to the Supreme Court in drawing the boundaries of the law the court had first made spongy.

As I write this, the NRA has its meeting in Houston, with an estimated attendance of some 70,000, and feeling stronger than ever.  No advocacy here, but I’ll be more glad than sad when someone sneaks into the NRA board room with a pressure cooker bomb to show them the real wrath of relatives of  the thousands and thousands killed and maimed every year so their money can be bowed down to.

Oh, and thank you so much, you media sluts, for teaching us all how to make a pressure cooker bomb in the first place.

It’s not the people’s fault so many don’t get it that this is all about the gun business.  They can’t be blamed for stupidity.

They know an undeniable truth: if you start it have the gun in your hand, you are very likely to be the one to come out of the fight alive.  Their stupidity is in thinking the lack of the ability to regulate guns was about that.

The second amendment was about guaranteeing the states independence from the feds.  The gun lobby is devoted to keeping the people ignorant of the difference.  The civil war was about repealing the second amendment.  The NRA has long been about perverting it.

I wish to hell we had an amendment that would let states wishing to, to secede without having to fight a war.   One positive effect would be to that their nuttiness wouldn’t hold hundreds of thousands of guns to my head every day.

With such an amendment we could clear the air on gun control by repealing the second amendment properly and waving good-by to the nutcases who think regulating guns means prying them from their cold dead hands.

Meanwhile the right wing continues to stop everything in Congress.  Anyone who thinks immigration reform stands a chance of being passed this year has much more faith in the power of the people than I do.  The power doesn’t lie with the people, it lies with the ones who have the money to fool the people.

I wonder how long those with the money can continue to fool the people.  It seems like, if “some of the time” lasts long enough, it becomes “forever.”

Oh, yeah, the sequester.  Don’t get me started on that.  Money is destroying everything in this country.

And don’t you dare call me an old fogey.  If you do, I just might plug you.

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