Speed Limits

Recently I read that the speed limits through South Lake Tahoe have all been raised. It seems that Caltrans decided to raise them despite local opposition. They said there was no legal excuse not to, because local surveys have shown that most everyone drives way too fast (judging by previously existing limits) on highways in Tahoe.

Thinking about that this morning, several thoughts occurred to me.

The first train of thought goes sort of like this: everyone drives about 10 miles per hour above the speed limit, as a general rule.   As a consequence, in about six months, everyone will be driving about 10 miles per hour faster than the new speed limit.   If we just conduct a new survey in about six months we can up the speed limit again.  One plan would be to repeat the process in six months, and it should happen again.   Ad infinitum, or at least until people are too scared themselves because they’re driving too fast.

The other line of thinking goes like this: the police statewide could simply enforce the speed limit as it stands. Thinking this way, however, brings some disturbing thoughts to mind. Why don’t law-enforcement personnel enforce the speed as it stands already?

Well, the truth is, as it is now, the police can stop anyone they wish. They always have a reason. Well, almost always.  Sometimes they have to look for an excuse of impeding traffic, a broken taillight, a cellphone,or something.  But, generally speaking, there’s no need to appeal to a “racial profiling” excuse, or anything else, to do as he/she (the officer) pleases.

The system works well for everyone, as it is.  Well, everyone white, spiffy enough looking, in a hurry to get somewhere–but not too big a hurry–and, especially, the police.

Frankly, I just wish they enforced the limits that exist in the first place.  Well, okay, a caveat–enforce them on us all, not just me.

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2 Responses to Speed Limits

  1. Barbara says:

    I say ’bout time they raised the speed limit! 50 on 50–that’s my motto…o’ course, this from a chronic lead foot…

    • George says:

      Well, 45 on 50 wasn’t unusual, was it? Now neither will be 55. Soon there will be a hue and cry for raising the limits all the more. In the meantime, the number of people walking with their backs to the traffic in snow conditions will continue to be scary, and occasionally, tragic.

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