Student Questions by Mark Lilly

I was substituting for my ill colleague this week and had some free time in his class. So, I was holding a kind of Q & A session with the 11th graders. They were curious about life in America. Keep in mind that these students in this program have made a huge commitment to attend American colleges and universities. They have given up the option to finish the Chinese education system in pursuit of an American education dream.

So, I asked them what do they mostly look forward to in America and some of the responses were quite insightful. One student said they were looking forward to just walking down the streets of America not fearing death all because of the traffic rules in America and their enforcement. I’ve spoke long and hard about the ‘survival’ on the streets/sidewalks being a pedestrian.  The traffic rules are not ‘laws’ here, they’re more like very slippery ‘guidelines’ that you don’t really ‘have to’ follow.

Another said they were looking forward to being able to drink the same water they shower with. See, here in Wuxi, YOU DON’T DRINK ANYTHING EXCEPT BOTTLED WATER. If you were to drink it, you could die!

Another was fascinated with the American holidays and of how many there actually were. There aren’t a whole lot of holidays that we Americans have grown up with celebrated here in China. Yet another amazing view of American life.

So, it’s the little things in American life that we all take so much for granted. Well, I’ve always said, you don’t appreciate anything until you lose it. This assignment has been great and we’re looking for more teachers here. Any takers???

Have a great weekend, Mark Lilly

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    Just thought I should give you thanks for your effort. Cool heading Student Questions by Mark Lilly – In The Service of Gaia too.

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