The 400 ppm Mark

This week for the first time on record, which only goes back to 1960 or so, we officially passed the 400 parts per million point for carbon dioxide molecules in atmospheric content.  That’s up from the first measurement of 316 in 1958 and compares quite unfavorably to Jim Hansen’s goal of 350ppm, which he says would be necessary to avert major disaster re Climate Change.  I.e., in less than a century we’ve increased CO2 content almost three times as much as we needed to get to the place where Hansen, one of the worlds leading climatologisa, says is intolerable.

So here’s the bottom line: we continue in the wrong direction with no sign of abating.

Why isn’t anyone willing to talk worst case scenarios?  Do we have to be in their midst before we are willing to broach the topic?

How are we to find solutions if we don’t talk about worst case scenarios?

And why do we think “worst case” only applies to humanity?  Wouldn’t it be worse if we triggered a run-away greenhouse effect that ends up with a lifeless planet?

What about us makes us incapable of considering the worst case as being one that only comes into play after humanity has gone extinct?

Don’t we have any sense of responsibility to help Gaia survive?

Would that change if we realized that Gaia is, and always has been, God?

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2 Responses to The 400 ppm Mark

  1. Dallas Smith says:

    George, You pose questions that have no easy answers. Consciousness that has as its priority the preservation of the planet is unfortunately rare. As you and I have discussed before, humankind is unfortunately akin to a virus epidemic, which reproduces uncontrollably, sometimes resulting in the death of the host (Gaia). In the cosmic timeframe, humanity is just a blip. If, through our collective actions, we shorten our survival, the cosmic joke is on us.

  2. Hank Raymond says:

    The weather is going to get ugly!

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