The Affordable Care Act

Well, I’ve been trying to avoid writing on political issues (other than regarding space and environmental policy) because they seem so less important to our eventual outcomes.  But I find  the continued resistance to democracy from the right simply too annoying to leave without speaking out.

What has prompted my most recent outrage is the fact that the right wing has seized on the affordable care act with all it’s vigor and simply refuses to let go.  That is a wining strategy for them because the act itself is such a compromise of liberal principals in the first place.  I, as a representative of the left wing, can hardly support it.

That the affordable care act is little more than a government subsidy of the insurance companies via making everyone obtain coverage from them is an unavoidable consequence of eliminating the single payer option, which Obama did when it first came up.  It is, at best, only a way to stop insurance companies from maximizing their profits by refusing to cover anyone that is obviously going to cost them money in the long run.

That they have been doing exactly that for a long while is obvious from the number of people who have signed up–or tried to–since the opportunity was first open to them.

What is, perhaps, most ironic is that the resistance currently coming from the right may eventually result in medical insurance lying in the government’s sole hands.  That is, after all, the only way the concept of “insurance” works–i.e. with profit out of the picture.

After how dysfunctional they have forced government to be in the presence of a weak President, the right may well soon enough find themselves dealing with a very strong President.  If s/he be from the left, we may even find insurance companies a  thing of the past.   If from the right, we may be confronted with the right’s favorite form of government–tyranny.

BTW: Bro seems to be doing well, except for a severe limp.   Thanks for the kind thoughts.

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2 Responses to The Affordable Care Act

  1. Dallas Smith says:

    Isn’t it amazing that a political party can campaign to deny healthcare access to millions of their fellow Americans? I hate it that health insurance is predicated on someone making a profit off my (potential) illness. Capitalism has failed in the healthcare arena. Observe the systems in Sweden, Germany, France, and other countries. Why should Americans pay twice as much money for half the service?

  2. Hank Raymond says:

    Yeah, well I certainly wish it were a single payer system. But there was no way that could have passed, so we have the next best thing. My fear is that the Republicans will just repeal the whole thing if they get in power. That will leave many of us out flapping in the breeze.

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