The Confedrate Flag

Sorry I didn’t get a blog out last week So much for the god damned horse.

Two weeks ago, a white supremacist shot and killed nine people in a black church’s Wednesday night prayer meeting. I still do not think people are thinking when their first reaction to such an atrocity is anything short of an instant demand to repeal the second amendment to the constitution. But that as a reaction is not yet on the table. What has developed is a movement to pull down the confederate battle flag, held high proudly by both white supremacists and southern romanticists who still can’t believe the south lost the war.

The danger in settling for merely pulling down the flag is that the outrage against the killings by the extremist will be smoothed over. The upside is that the essence of “not giving up” will be exposed.

The essence is that there are many in this country who do not subscribe to the idea that it is a country. At least that it is not legitimately a single country.

Those of us who think the civil war was about slavery might agree. Why shouldn’t Texas be allowed to secede? I, for one, would be glad to see them gone. The only reason I can see for fighting a war over the issue is based on the implied permission for their having slavery that would have been granted in the days of the  actual civil war. I don’t think that applies any more. I do not see a modern state being constituted in such a way that slavery would be tolerated.

The administrative hassles would sill be an issue, but I don’t think it ought to be an insurmountable obstacle. I see no reason there can’t be a United States of the North and another of the South. Let the people decide which they wish to be in. Maybe ten years of unhindered migration between North and South might be all that would be needed.

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  1. Barbara says:

    I’d certainly be willing to let the South secede!

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