The Full Body Search on Your Favorite Star or Starlet

Like the Men in Black, who get their most reliable news from the trashiest of tabloids, I often find the best stories in unusual places.  For instance, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, the NPR news quiz, recently featured a story on Congress passing a law stopping the TSA from patting down celebrities.

This from the group which is famous for having done nothing since Obama was inaugurated.  How did such a topic even get on Congress’ agenda, let alone gain bipartisan support from a notoriously factionalized representative body?

I mean, is this a matter for legislative involvement?  What are we paying the TSA for?  And wouldn’t they be better qualified to make the call on this kind of thing, anyway?  Oh, okay, perhaps there have been some pretty good examples of stupidity on their part–making old cripples bend over to remove their slippers, or such.  And maybe we are suspicious of their motivations when they leave a beautiful young actress in the body scan station for twenty minutes while all the staff is called in to give opinions.  But isn’t that better dealt with in the administrative branch?  Why are legislators involved here?

Or, probably better, “Why are we paying the legislators?”

And what makes Congress think that the intersection of the set of terrorists and the set of Celebrities is empty, anyway?  What if Sean Penn goes ballistic?

Stranger things have happened.

Besides, how in the world do you define “celebrity?”  Osama ben Laden himself seems to me to fit the bill.

Perhaps the best question of all:  Can’t politicians imagine that there’s such a thing as an approval rating of less than zero?

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2 Responses to The Full Body Search on Your Favorite Star or Starlet

  1. Hank says:

    Did they really leave a beautiful young actress in the body scanner for 20 minutes???? Did that really happen? Who was it? What did that new congressman say? “Compromise means the other side has to agree with me.”? Or something like that?

  2. admin says:

    Why should “beautiful and young” deserve any better care?

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