The Good Thing About Philosophy

The good thing about philosophy is that everyone gets to guess. The bad thing is that no one gets to know.

It’s a lot like life after death in that way.

That may amount to a defining characteristic. Defining for “life” I mean.

I mean, who’s to say what life’s all about? And why should I believe what he/she says anyway?

I’m not one who willingly lends credence to another simply because he/she speaks  authoritatively. Far too many of those who do clearly have no clue.

And I, myself, have to admit to being in exactly that situation, save having the authoritative voice. When the issue is large enough, I just have to remind myself that there are just a lot of things no one will ever be sure of. At least, not via any rules of logic.

One of the really hard theorems I had to comprehend from mathematics, Godel’s completeness  theorem, was really pretty easy to grasp, when you came down to it. It says that there are always contradictions in any logical system that’s rich enough to answer all the questions you can ask.

I find it easier to accept that there are questions I just have to realize I don’t  know the answer to than to accept answers that contradict one another. Almost all philosophical questions strike me as being in that category.

I’ve just been to a memorial service.  Who’s to say what life or death is all about?

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