The Old Folks Home on Lockdown

Lockdown At The Old Folks Home

I was home at Christmas. When I returned to the old folks home, it was in lockdown, Lockdown is imposed for medical reasons whenever a virus or cold is circulating amongst a significant proportion of the residents. It happens about two weeks per year, although this time has already gone longer than that.

One thing is definitely clear from this period, however: I am a social animal. I miss the repartee that goes on at breakfast and dinner. Obviously, the lockdown puts an end to all that. I skip lunch, which is a good thing, as I have gained about twenty pounds even without it. The people I usually eat dinner with are all women: I prefer women to men, and most men prefer other men to me, so it works out OK. Anyway, when you’re not eating around here, you’re probably watching a movie or getting a shower. They dress you in seconds, so that hardly counts. Since I virtually cannot move once I am in bed, I am sort of a washout thereafter (just for the record, that was not always so).

So, given the circumstances, I’ve resorted to watching a lot of DVD’S. A few of them have been okay, although most are SMUPS (Shoot-’em Ups), for which I have limited tolerance. Most are also old. Occasionally this combination (old and plentiful) leads to my discovery of a gem I missed the first time around. I think Man of La Mancha, staring Peter O’toole and Sophia Loren) may fit that bill, although I almost turned it off part way through. It’s a musical and a bit hard to follow. Worth a try, though. I sometimes also see the opposite. Duel, about an irrational road rage incident of some sort, is clearly one of those.

Very interesting, in the context of a lock down, is the fact that my care giver was literally dripping from a cold yesterday. She also wore no mask. It’s as if the actual purpose of the lock down is to trap us in our rooms so that the targeting of us by the bugs that be will be easier. This place makes less sense less and less sense as I know more and more.

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3 Responses to The Old Folks Home on Lockdown

  1. Hank Raymond says:

    My Mom’s place is in a similar situation right now. They keep sending out notices to not visit anyone.

    Here are some movies you might like:
    forks over knives
    Fed Up
    Thank you for smoking
    Merchants of doubt
    Genius, by national geographic-available on amazon video
    Mars, by national geopraphic- available on amazon video

    You can find these all online with a little searching

  2. JoAnn says:

    Oh my! I’ve heard the flus this season have been harder than usual. Sorry you’re missing out on your beloved social time—so difficult given the social animal you are. Thanks for continuing to write and keeping us abreast. Have you seen Samsara? It’s a dialogueless documentary that’s pretty intense but thought provoking for sure. Hope you stay well and lock down is over soon. Merry n the meantime you could also try some mindfulness exercises as an exploration. 😀

  3. Barbara says:

    Interestingly, no one notified families! Well, more accurately, I wasn’t notified anyway. One of several remarkable business practices.

    Can anyone spell “ombudsman”?

    Also…ready for a Netflix account, George? 😉

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