The San Francisco Writing For Change (SFW4C) Conference

I went last weekend  to San Francisco for the writing for change conference. It was  the first conference I’ve gone to where the conference dealt at any length with nonfiction.Until going to this one, I think I never realized how different the two genres really are. It made me realize how much I had missed.Now most of what I thought I knew has been brought into question. That said, I  think this blog entry is over. I’ll talk to you when I have more time.

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2 Responses to The San Francisco Writing For Change (SFW4C) Conference

  1. Hank Raymond says:

    Ok George. I’ll bite. What is it that you thought you knew that has been brought into question? (Most of what you thought you knew??? Really?)

    • George says:

      Well, although all of the previous conferences included lip service aimed at those of us who have no interest, skill, or experience in writing fiction, they were, in fact, based on the assumption that our real interest, skill, and experience was actually exactly that. Nowhere did we discuss how to write a non fiction book proposal, for example. Most outlets for articles in nonfiction, such as magazines, where lightly, if at all. discussed. It may be that I have chosen to go to writers conferences, when I should have been seeking journalist conferences, or some such, but it has largely not been what I sought. This was a much better fit for me.

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