The Second Hand

The Second Hand

The second hand is working again.
It stopped some time ago
at five seconds to the hour.
And now it’s going again.

How strange is that?
It’s not as if it hadn’t had plenty of chances,
many times the minute and hour hands
swept it by.

Now it goes
round and round.

How strange is that?

Stephen Bannon,
of Breitbart fame,
advises the President.
As good as that may be.

And Jeff Sessions,
Attorney General of all The Land,
Lied to a Senate Committee
before it confirmed him.

But that’s not so bad,
says the President,
as lying to the Vice President,
which lost the President’s belief in Flynn.

Meanwhile, Scott Pruitt,
formally most famous
for suing the EPA,
Now leads that group in its futile flailings.

“Russia never talked
to any of us–during the campaign”–
about the election–
or, so we all say.

But, wait a minute,
the swamp is being drained,
Now is not the time to complain.
Trust us, All is well

At the very least,
Hillary is an also ran.

How strange is that?

Now it’s going again
Now (a day later) it’s stopped again.
At six or seven seconds to
Now (a day later still) it’s moved to three seconds and then stopped.

Stranger still

What to do?
What to do?

It”s going again,
Some week or so on.
Perhaps I should just stop trying to make sense of it at all.
Like Comrade Trump. Now is not the time.
Just wait it out.

Just wait it out.

Now the time is adjusting itself
Some week or so on.
The hour and minute hand go round and round.
The second hand, though, ignores them like lice.

This is the second time.
I ignored it the first time.
It struck me as an appropriate
Adjustment based on daylight time.

It was, at least, a Sunday, after all.
But why twice in less than two weeks?
The clock is just plain crazy.
That makes as much sense as I’m likely to get.

Just wait it out.
Just wait it out.

But the second hand won’t
Let me go.
After running a while
It stopped again, at five seconds to.

What to do?
What to do?

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