The So-Called President

Since Trump assumed the Presidency, some 15 days ago at this writing, the country has been in the greatest uproar I’ve ever seen. And that includes the years of Nixon, the Vietnam war, the Cuban missle Cries, the Kennedy and King Assassinations, the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, the Borg nomination, the Gore-Bush election, and the Long-dong Thomas appointment, to name the uproars that I recall at the moment. What is going on?

Are we falling apart as a nation?

We seem to be about evenly split between left and right, each side apparently thinking it holds the righteous ground.

I have long thought the biggest problem we face is the fact that the Civil War has never been finalized. The issue of slavery may be gone, now, but the South has yet to accept that, militarily, the North prevailed in the shooting war. And the North has never accepted the South as an equal partner since winning the war.

To me, the obvious resolution would be for the North, roughly, to separate from the South, roughly. Here, Lincoln’s insistence that the war was really all about preservation of the Union, gets in the way of forward movement in many ways. First of all, I think he underestimated both how much Northern sentiment about the slavery issue drove them, and how much State’s rights drove the South. I suspect, too, that the slavery issue would be dead by now in any case.

But, since the end of the war, constant effort has been made to see to it that preservation of the Union has dominated congressional thinking. This fit nicely into most monetary positions as well, so it was not hard to effect. Congress benefitted in numerous ways every time major corporations or entities were positioned in as many districts nation-wide as possible, for instance. Each time this happened, the nation was bound more tightly together. The distribution of military bases and manufacturing or supply facilities are, perhaps, the most noteworthy of this phenomena.

To break this country into two countries is now virtually impossible.

Yet that is what I suggest is needed.

It might have been possible before Trump became President, as those who wanted most to secede were those that the stayers would have most liked to see be gone. Now it is the opposite. Those who would most like to be separate are those who most would like to retain the title of “the United States.” Is It possible to form a Federation of North and South? I don’t know.

As far as those peoples’ despised President, Donald Trump, go esx,there is little of common understanding of his administration at this moment. And this moment is less than three weeks into it.

Last week, he referred to a federal judge whose ruling on his executive order on transit into the United States he did not like as a “so-called judge.” Now, had I said that about any judge I would have expected to be held in contempt and probably have spent at least three days in jail.If we are a nation of laws, why is Trump any different? I guess it is because he is the so-called President. Or because we are no longer a nation of laws.

Now we come to the most terrifying speculation I have: what does the so-called President do to retain both power and to stimulate the economy: wait for Kim Jong Un to again threaten the U.S. and then nuke Pyongyang.

After all, there is nothing better proven in either category, stimulating the economy or getting national unity, than making war.

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3 Responses to The So-Called President

  1. Hank Raymond says:

    You wouldn’t be held in contempt and held in jail for calling a judge a “so called judge”. You can say that without fear. A stickier problem is that obviously N. Korea is trying to build a missile that is capable of launching a nuclear warhead as far as California.

    • George says:

      I think most judges would hold little ole me in contempt.Do you have any evidence an appeal, if I could afford it, would be successful? Would it be so successful that I wouldn’t have to go to jail first? Would you think Trump would be justified in nuking Pyongyang to get Un?

  2. Hank Raymond says:

    Well, if you’re in his court and said that,you might have a problem.

    Justified?? Hmmm… I always say that you can’t hit first. But I”m not sure that’s always right.

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