The Tavertine State

I had a dream this morning: The travertine rock of Virginia no longer is the right image for visualizing the future of the state.  What’s gone is gone,

Space is no longer the final frontier.
It’s time now to make it the colony it has already become.  Exploring it is no longer the task.  Now we are colonizing it.  We need not change focus, only embrace the new focus.
Address is no longer the issue-now  pertinence lies only in your direction.  It’s not where we are, but where we are bound that must be the issue.
What makes Musk, Branson, Diamates, et al, leaders is not their ability to lead.  It is that they are going somewhere.  We are the herd that follows.  Follow.
Same is true of self-go somewhere if you want to be a leader.  The book should be about how-not why.  Assume how-talk go.
The old world surrounds you.  Those who do not wish to leave will not, so say goodbye and set forth.  The time for making plans is past.  Set sail.  Find out what’s out there.  There are a lot of us on this boat-but we all need to grab a sheet and pull it tight. The wind is strong, we must not drift.
Land ho!
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