The Trump Phenomenon

Okay, I know I’m just a nobody. I know there are all kinds of experts trying to make sense of the Donald’s recent rise as the republican Presidential nominee. But, perhaps mostly as a nobody, I’d like to put in my two cents worth.

The public, despite the disagreements on issues surrounding governmental involvement in regulation of industry, or government’s size, etc., still believes government should exist and should do things. Even those who hate that a black man has ascended to the presidency think there should be a president, and that there are things he should be doing.

The republican leadership has made the mistake of believing that, because of the disillusionment in their constituencies with what government has been doing, the public thinks it would be better if there were no government. This is not even true if restricted to the constituencies of just the republican leadership.

In point of fact, the republican leadership continues to just say “no.” This has no more obvious expression than in their refusal to consider any nominee made by the president for the vacancy on the supreme court. It’s as if they have taken the ball home, never to play so long as the presidency is not in their hands. Never mind the racist accusations that may lie just below the surface of that charge. Never mind what your own position re a black president may be. It is what has been, and what is, happening. The republican leadership has decided they would rather have Trump as their leader than cooperate with Obama.

In virtual confirmation of the republican leadership’s position, the conservative wing of what has become, in my lifetime, a right wing organization, applauds the action.

But the public  has just had enough of the obstructionism. That, I think, is the lesson of Donald Trump.

The danger, in my opinion, of Trump is his similarity to Hitler. Let us not forget how popular Hitler was, in Germany, before he lost World War II. Let us also not forget how sure Hitler was of his own infallibility, a most frightening trait shared with Trump.

The bottom line is that the republicans have brought this on us all. No, we have brought it on ourselves. Something is wrong when we are more likely to know the best three-point shooter in the NBA than our own congressman’s name. And it will not be made less wrong by electing a man like Hitler was to be a president–it will not be made less wrong by just sitting out an election.

We cannot expect a democracy will survive just because it is a democracy when the people have given up their role in knowing what is going on. It may not be pretty, but it is our responsibility. There has to be compromise. None of us get’s everything we want. None of us can not know what is really going on. And what is really going on is that those who stand to make money out of our inattention are making the decisions.

None of us can afford to think who we support in our congressional election does not matter, nor that who we support, or when, is irrelevant.

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One Response to The Trump Phenomenon

  1. Fred Drake says:

    I am not a Trump supporter but I if he were elected I think there is more chance to see compromise than with any other candidate including Clinton. He is a deal maker who has survived by giving his opponent a little so he can get a lot. The rest of the field is business as usual. Give me one example where your beloved Obama has actually compromised. He is just the master at making the republicans say no while he appears to be reasonable. As far as your Hitler comparison I thought better of you. Let’s not forget how popular Obama is, perhaps he will sign a executive order allowing him to run for a third term. On wait that popularity is just with the celebrity for president crowd.

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