The Two Hats Miracle

Everyone who knows me knows I almost always wear a beret.  Not so well known is that I own a good number of them.  The other day I couldn’t find my preferred one and chose a second best to wear to my physical therapy appointment, which involves exercising in a standing height pool at Emerald Bay Therapy.

When done I showered and dressed.  To my astonishment, in my pile of clothes were two–count them–two, hats.  The missing hat had magically materialized–in a location where it could not have been lost.

It was a miracle.  To what end, of course, was a bit more obscure.  Was it some sort of message about “seek and it will be created?”  Or maybe “the poor will one day be clothed?”  How about, “ reality is as you perceive it?”

But, being the sceptic I am, I didn’t immediately accept the mystical appearance and its almost opaque message on face value, whatever it might have meant.

Instead, I began logically attempting to find an explanation.  How might this have happened?  I clearly had not walked into the building wearing two berets.  The group at the entry way were known to me and wouldn’t have hesitated to comment.  Besides, absent minded though I am, I would have surely noticed such a Carmen Miranda moment myself when donning the second hat.

I hadn’t carried anything into the building I hadn’t used in the pool or the shower, and none of that included a hat.  I don’t even wear a hat in the shower.  And, besides, Everything I  had had been exposed to full view while changing and/or exercising.

Where had it come from?

Then I remembered an unusual thing I’d done while dressing that morning:  instead of unbuttoning all of the buttons of the shirt I’d found on its hanger, I’d only undone the two at the top and then pulled the shirt over my head.  That allowed me to avoid having to rebutton them all, something which is a rather laborious activity now that neuropathy has dulled my fingertips.

Since I routinely stroll about wearing only a hat in the morning, I probably accidently dislodged the one I prefer to wear, even when otherwise naked (Is this too much information?), and trapped it unnoticed under my shirt at the back, where it was when I undressed in the locker room at the pool.  I might easily have overlooked it while folding and stashing my clothes ere getting wet.

Voit  La (or whatever the French is)!  That must have been it!

No miracle was needed to explain the facts.  Science had not been overturned.  All was well in the world of wardrobe.  No need to pour over the obscure message.  Most of all, no vitally important message to relate, inspired by Visions delivered by inscrutable gods.

I was free!

If life were only so easy.

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