The World According To George

So, here’s what I’m thinking today. What if the Donald becomes President and democracy in America does come to an end? Would the world be so bad off?

Well, maybe. The Donald would probably attempt to establish an American empire. I know I would. I can, at best, only conjecture at how the Donald’s would look. Of course, the same can be said about mine. But I feel so much more entitled to conjecture about my own, so let me. The fact you are still reading is confirmation of the law of momentum, that an object in motion tends to remain in motion, if nothing else.

So, here’s what I would do. First of all, I would direct NASA to scrap all exploration or use of space not aimed at development of space as a survivable option for some earth-based lifeforms, or preservation of earth as close to what it currently is as possible, short of geo-engineering, each proposal for which would be subject to careful scientific evaluation. Secondly, I would devote a sizable portion of the National budget to them (NASA), tripling the amount each year so long as we could afford it, or until I was deposed, whichever came first.

I would direct my diplomatic core to actively try to get other countries involved in exactly the same effort.

I would occupy everywhere we sent troops or dropped bombs, which I hope was nowhere, but which I would not be stopped from doing by mere hope.

Everyone would be guaranteed education, via federal government monies, through the year of College or high school they have completed successfully plus one, and through the second year at one half the tuition specified by the college or high school.

The federal tax scale would be graduated after a certain amount of income until it became 100% at a certain amount with an upper limit, all three of which are to be determined by congress, beyond which the earner would have to move from.U.S. territory. There would be no exemptions and violations of tax law would be harshly punished.

The law of momentum, and many other laws of physics, would be rewritten in friendlier terms and incorporated into the constitution.

Oh, and I would be rich and young again.

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  1. Dallas Smith says:

    Hear hear!! George for President! Your vision is lots more attractive to me than the current reality. Great mental exercise…If I were President…King…or whatever…

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