Three girls Found in Cleveland Two Brothers of Prime Suspect Released after Two Days

Now, for the record, I am a big supporter of the police if I think they are behaving fairly and if they are transparent in their investigations, especially of themselves.

For example, when a local girl, Jacey Lee Dugard, was found in a distant city after  eighteen years of captivity, people accused the department handling parolees of misconduct for not finding her years earlier in routine checks on the abductor.  I had no beef with them, though, for I knew they had been dealing with badly overloaded schedules for years as their department coped with insufficient budgets.

I am tolerant of mistakes that they may make when under the pressure of financial restrictions, as many departments have been in the face of governmental reductions.  That has been the nature of the game for years now.  When the people don’t fund the force, mistakes will happen that only the people can answer for.

But there’s something about the Cleveland case that doesn’t strike me as passing the smell test,

The girls were taken ten years or so ago.  They had been held in captivity in a house owned by the brother of the two released, regularly raped and physically abused, and the brothers were arrested, if I understand it correctly, in the same incident as the prime suspect.  One of the victims had borne a child who was now something like six years old and the whole thing happened in the same neighborhood as the abductions.

But the released brothers, again if I’m correctly informed,  were let go within two or three days of the bust.

Heaven knows, I’m not close to my brother, live in a different city far away, and have never been in his current home.  But I’m also not sure he has even lived there for ten years.  And, of course, the same goes in reverse.   I would probably not have any idea if he had turned truly evil.  And I hope he knows nothing of my shortcomings.

But likewise, it would be a rare event indeed if the cops were to pick us up together in a common bust.  Or even in the same city.

And it strikes me as odd that a police force so inept that they couldn’t find those three girls in a period of ten years or so were able to clear in two days two brothers currently close enough to be picked up simultaneously with the apparent kidnapper.

Even a very good police force would take longer than that to get any idea of what all had gone on in that house for ten years, let alone determining whether this act of utter depravity was isolated or part of a far greater and more evil network of criminal activity.  This is the kind of missed follow-up that I would hold officials responsible for, should their not having followed up on it ever show it should have been followed up on.

It’s also  the kind of situation that, were I with the FBI, would make me want to take a much closer look at the Cleveland department.  Not just at their investigation, but at the department itself.  Perhaps even the higher ups in the Cleveland infrastructure.

Something just doesn’t seem right here.  Somebody should look at this from the outside.

To state the obvious: anyone seeing this post who knows anyone with the capability of doing something about it should see to it that it comes to their attention.  Thanks.

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  1. Hank Raymond says:

    I’m always amazed that these kidnapped people can’t escape for 10-18 years.

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