Trump After Two Weeks

Trump After Two Weeks

That Trump is now President and what that means has pretty well become apparent to everyone by now. Some are happy some, not so much. The large kerfuffle that has arisen around his executive order banning admission to the country of people from some seven states which have muslim majorities points out one of Trump’s weaknesses. The lack of width in terms of consulting with experienced personnel also glares out around this executive order.

Some of even Trump’s own words are also indicative of how illy thought out this action was. I’m thinking of Trump’s reported conversation with Rudy Giulianii, in which he reportedly said he wanted to issue a muslim ban, but knew that would be unconstitutional and wanted to know how to avoid that.

As for the other example, it bothers me that one of Trump’s more famous statements comes from his inauguration: “Two Thousand and Seventeen will be remembered as the day when the people began to be the rulers of this country again”. The reference to two thousand and seventeen is to a year, not a day. I suspect we all knew what he meant, but the later appeal to a “day” was incorrect. The problem is that Trump likes to tweet as his formative step for policy making.

When the policy reflects the sloppy wording that characterizes the speech, there will often be ambiguities. This, I think, was the biggest problem the travel ban encountered. Trump turned his religious and experiential biases against islam into a policy without proper editing. As a result, many of those asked to implement the policy felt unclear as to what was meant. Most of the problems with green card holders can be attributed to this lack of clarity, although many would say I should have used “vetting” instead of “editing”. Of course, Trump is so erratic
that you can never be sure. What his true motivations are may never be known.

I have often raised concerns about what i see as disturbing similarities between Trump and Hitler. Truthfully, I have many concerns about Trump and many of them have their roots in characteristics I think Trump and Hitler share.

I probably should elaborate some, as otherwise I may just sound like a disgruntled  Democrat in a Republic-dominated government. I am that, of course, but it is not how I want to be perceived. If you must label me, call me a pessimist with both an understanding of the World War II era and an imagination re Trump’s potential.

Consider Trump’s preferred rallying cry, “America first.’ I speak a little German, and the similarity to Hitler’s “Duetchland uber allies” is impossible to ignore. There is nothing in anything in any of his statements that have ever led me to think he will ever cooperate in stepping aside. I have no belief he wants anything other than personal control. His only real advisors, I think, are chosen only because they advocate exactly what he does. His selection of many generals for his cabinet make me fearful of his true intentions. The names “Flynn,” “Kelly,” “Mattis,” and “Bannon,” may become as infamous as ‘Goering,’ “Himmler,,” and “Goebbles.” His followers likewise disturb me with their devotion to their leader. They strike me as brownshirts who lack the shirts only for the minute. Call me a pessimist, but Trump seems not to mind. He is, after all, the President, and I am not. Nor, for that matter, do I want to be.

I fully expect Trump to create a crisis which will justify, in the minds of his followers, suspension of elections in the U.S. The crisis may occur before or after the next election, depending on how likely he thinks he is to win it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the trigger will be a war, started much as Hitler’s was: by pushing until someone declares he has gone too far. I originally thought the first country to feel our wrath would be North Korea, whose mouthy leader Kim Jong Un has limited international support, via a nuclear bombing of Pyongyang following Un’s next rant against America, but now I fear that it may be Iran, whose leadership may suffer from underestimating how crazy Trump may, in fact, be. Another similarity that I think he and Hitler share.

We shall see.

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  1. Hank Raymond says:

    I vote for North Korea.

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