Trump Again

Trump Again

Okay, so what if you’re really tired of hearing about Trump. Ignoring him is not going to make him go away. Ignoring him, in fact, is probably a big part of why we are still dealing with him. He is beginning to catch on. The press can’t get enough of him. Although they seem to almost universally denounce him, they can’t pass up a story with his name in it.

I said I would call him a little Hitler again and again. Little Hitler, little Hitler, little Hitler!

Why not start calling him President Trump? “Never happen,” you say. “Why not?” say I.

They used to say he’d never get to be the Republican nominee. That’s at least partially because many never saw Hitler of what he was. Hitler was a very popular leader who was pretty smart and not afraid to say what the average German thought a lot of the time, whether it bore any resemblance to the truth or not. The average human, German or not, loves  to blame his troubles on someone else. Hitler mostly blamed all Germany’s troubles on jews, although he readily blamed Gypsies and gays as well, depending on his audience. Part of Hitler’s genius was his ability to identify his audience’s biases. It is one of the traits he shares with Trump. Well, “shared.” What is the proper term to use here?

Hitler, after all, no longer “shares” anything with anybody. Before he lost a war, though, many would love sharing anything with him. That’s why he became so popular. It’s this trait that so worries me about Trump. Trump cares very little about what is true and what is not. Politifact,NPR’s fact checker, says 75% of what they have checked that he has said has been rated “mostly false” or “pants-on-fire false.” 75 percent!

This from the Republican’s most likely nominee to be president. “But, surely he will not be elected, even if nominated,” you say. May I remind you that it is, currently, something of a democracy, and the election is still what counts. Trump is very likely to be our next president. When that happens, assuming it does, he will have the U.S. Army working for him. All that you presently take for granted about your rights as an American will no longer be protected.

I know, that all sounds very paranoid. But being a little paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t really out to get you. Like I’ve said before, getting Trump out of office will be much more difficult than stopping him from getting in office in the first place. But those who think it will take care of itself are simply whistling in the wind. Much like those who wish climate change will go away because they choose to ignore it’s existence.

As president, Trump will be able to start a war with nothing more than a word. He need not order the bombing of Moscow to accomplish this. Such an order might get objection from more moderate voices in the military, or  even resistance from rational pilots, etc. But who would object to a reasonable technique such as bombing North Korea next time they threaten nuclear weapon use against the U.S.

Oh, it may take several such orders to get the war going, but the preliminary steps are likely to be quite popular, and there is no reason to think Trump would stop short of actual war breaking out between superpowers. At that point, the order to “drop the big one” would be far less controversial and less likely to encounter resistance. In any case, the rights of Americans will, as they have done before, take a definite back seat to America’s survival. The Donald is not apt to be replaced under those circumstances.

If you have to vote for someone you’d rather not see as president, like Hillary, for instance, I urge you to do so. Just sitting out the election is not adequate. Democracy is not going to survive The Donald, on that you can bet.

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2 Responses to Trump Again

  1. Hank Raymond says:

    Who would be worse? Ted or Donald?

    • George says:

      good question. What do you think of my conjecture that the Republican strategy of stonewalling everything Obama is a big part of the Trump phenomenon?

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