Trump Avoidance

On Racism and Our President

Well, I’ve been trying to avoid writing about our president, but he will not be left alone. One could hope that, if we just ignore him long enough, perhaps he will, eventually, just go away. But it doesn’t seem likely. For one thing, he hates being ignored, and does his best to be sure that doesn’t happen. Difficulty is, with the power of the U.S. in his control, we can hardly ignore him whether we want to or not. So his goal, in this regard, is virtually guaranteed. As icing on his cake, Trump probably is not going to bow to federal wishes in this regard. He will almost certainly do what he sees as most likely to enrich himself most. At the very least, that would be consistent. Secrecy about his own tax returns, refusal to put blinders on his businesses, a history of mixing his own interests with governmental decisions, and general assholeness
are his stok and trade. How did this come to pass?

That’s the problem with democracy. You generally get the government you deserve. America is, and always has been, racist. It’s not just Trump. Black Lives Matter exists for one reason: the powers that be need an army to keep the powers that do not be down. It’s just how it works.

So, have you learned anything since his last outburst? It isn’t a fair question. Who knows  when that was?

So, let’s change the question. Have you learned anything since he called african nations “Shitholes?” Or maybe he did’t. It’s his word against  the others. Who you gonna believe, you despicable non-Trumpian?

We surely know, whether Trump says it’s so or not, Trump  is a racist. One of the most predictable characteristics of a racist is that he will swear he is not. Where the claim that he is the least racist person you’ve ever met comes on the list of ridiculous claims may not be so obvious. That Trump would claim it, though, is not surprising.

One thing is sure, we’re stuck with him now. And the Republicans seem happy with that. Have they no shame.

One wants to compare Trump to the Roman Emperor, Caligula. So what came about in Caligula’s time? It seems like history around Caligula’s rein is not clear, mostly because most of those who first wrote about his rule were so biased against him that modern historians dismiss their renditions as unreliable. So, if you are hated by virtually everyone  while you are alive, perhaps you will not be viewed by history as badly as you deserve. Trump is definitely a polarizing character. Caligula was eventually assassinated, and it looks like Trump is hell bent on attaining the same fate. In any case, Caligula only served four years. We can only hope the Trump administration will last no longer.

On the good side, Rome came back after Caligula. Perhaps we, too, may survive Trump.

But m\y prediction for Trump is that he will start a war with North Korea before his time is up, although North Korea’s leader is capable of starting it, too. In either case going to war with North Korea will be so popular that he will never have to step down, which is just as Trump wants it. I suspect Trump will be president when he dies.

Few will be surprised by my having long thought Trump is clearly a racist. I don’t even think he tries very hard to hide it. He appeals to Racism at every opportunity. That is the area  most shared by his base. Like I said, America has long been the home of racism. If he thought his base would swallow it, I suspect Trump would be an outspoken racist. Unfortunately for him, we still recall the images from the holocaust, and still associate the horror of Hitler’s Germany with them.

Whether Trump is viewed as a genius or a nut will, almost certainly, depend on who writes the  final history. That Hitler shares this distinction should not go unremarked.

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4 Responses to Trump Avoidance

  1. Bobby Jacobs says:

    Trump opens his yap and lets whatever is on the tip of his tongue come out. The Pocahontas comments to the Indian code breakers would have embarrassed anyone else in the whole world EXCEPT Trump. Did he call some countries sh*t h*le nations? We will never know but I say yes, that is just the way he is.

  2. Fred Drake says:

    In what parallel world would war with North Korea be popular? That might be the only thing that he could do to lose his base. I don’t believe you really understand his “base”

  3. Barbara says:

    extremely unpleasant; repulsive.
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