Trump Doesn’t–Care

Trump Doesn’t–Care

And neither do the Republicans. That’s the bottom line on their sworn seven-year attempt to repeal Obama–Care. Lo and behold, health care is surprisingly complex. Of course, everything turns out to be too complex for twitter, where we’re only allowed 140 characters. “But let’s not let that stop us” say the majority of the Republican party, enthused by their sudden and unexpected exposure to power.
In all honesty, though, I should point out that, as I write this, I don’t yet have knowledge of exactly how the debate over the repeal and replacement of Obama–care actually went. I often write these blog entries before their actual publication dates. That is the case in this case. It was even before the Senate vote on this issue. McConnell just announced he will not vote on the secret bill they put together before the July 4th holiday.
As my father, who’s been dead now for many years, used to point out, Republicans are just about the monied class versus the rest of us. It’s not so complicated, really. Either you’re with the rich, or you’re not. Don’t get me wrong, though. It’s not always so clear whether the best thing is to be “with them or agin them.”
But I don’t think this is one of those times. 22 million fewer people on health insurance within ten years. That’s not as good as the opposite.
We are the only industrialized country in the world that doesn’t guarantee its people coverage for their health costs. Usually via some form of single payer, specifically the government. That’s not something the rich class will accept easily, since the government should never be in competition with private industry. Or, at least, that’s the Republican talking  point, as I understand it. Also, the gap between those who have and those who don’t just keeps getting broader.
I heard a Republican on the radio, a Senator I think, say that competition amongst the insurance companies and free enterprise, which Obama–care had eliminated, would have fixed the raises in premiums that were the downside of a national health care, single payer, system. Maybe he had a point. But the devotion to the mantra of “free enterprise” sounds like an unthinking way of approaching it.
But so is trying to take my father’s advice.
Yet I have never seen a time when his advice was not a good explanation of the differences in position taken by Republicans and Democrats on a specific issue. For example, the Obama–care replacement legislation, as prepared by the Republicans in private, was as much a tax bill as anything. A bill in which billions of dollars went from a government expense in health care for the poorest of us to a reduced tax on the richest of us.
That looks like a confirmation to me.
Not that my father’s observation was, in and of itself, advice. He was always aware, I think, of which side of the “richness” scale he would always fall, so he probably meant it to be advice, but  my brother is well off, and my father surely saw that as a possibility. Not that I didn’t, probably much more than my brother, defy his expectations. My brother did very well financially while I excelled academically and was lost to the family during most of the Vietnam War. I have always been, or at least almost always, free of financial duress. To me, that’s pretty much the same as being rich. Still, I’m not. Bud, my brother, would probably say the same.
Yet we live in America, so many would say we are automatically rich. And many of those would say a lot of that fact is directly the result of Republican politics.
Ah, nothing is entirely clear. Nonetheless, some of it looks that way to me. That Trump is just plain crazy is one of those. I admit I never blink anymore when I just react to him from this assumption. He is just plain crazy. Nonetheless, he is now President.
I am always surprised each morning that I find we have gotten through the night without a war starting.
Trump has appointed Neil Gorsuch. The high point of the administration so far.He doesn’t care either

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