Trump Might Win

Why are so many so sure Trump cannot become President?

Perhaps it is mostly because most of those who think so hope desperately that it is so?

Have we so easily forgotten how immensely popular Hitler was in Germany before he lost a war? I guarantee, had Germany won World War II, he would have been regarded as the greatest leader the Germans had ever seen.

What is truly scary, of course, is how very nearly he did come to winning that war. The history books are full of examples of decisions made in error–often inexplicably–which, if made differently, might have resulted in the war being won by Germany. To think otherwise is to engage in the most crass form of self-indulgence.

“America is the greatest nation on Earth, and the most powerful.” Or so we are taught.

But what if Germany had won the war? Wouldn’t it be much more likely that Germany was the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth?

Germans would surely not think that were so bad.

So what if current culture were very different? So what if the Jews had been exterminated? So what if the Japanese had taken all of China? So what if things were different from what they are?

History is not an abstraction. It only tells us how the present arose, and then only to the extent  that we truly understand both it and the present. The axiom that  Trump  cannot win the presidency is as foolish to ascribe to as the belief that America was destined to win the war. That was the way it turned out. But destiny had nothing to do with it. A lot of people died to make it  happen. Let’s  not  forget that.

Whether Trump wins or not will depend on the involvement of the little people. People like you  and I. Crowd sourcing is mostly a power for the good, but it only works so long as we all play.


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  1. Dallas Smith says:

    My fear is that if the US were to suffer another terrorist attack from outside, that Trump would win in a landslide, considering the number of people seduced by his bluster.

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