Trump Vs. The Press

Trump Versus The Press

Trump is hell-bent on discrediting the traditional press. At the same time, the traditional press seems to recognize the struggle, although they do not always act like it. Take the Donald Junior story, for instance. The Donald, the father, I mean, is  so corrupt that saying that is tantamount to being a source of “fake news.” To the believer. this is virtually an admission of guilt.

The strategy of the Trump campaign is, I’m afraid, working. Everything anti-Trump is called “fake news” by the Trump organization. To the believers, the argument sticks.The press starts, at least in many cases, with a mantel of disbelief.

This is seen by the believers as a battle between right and wrong. Both sides seem to see it this way, in fact.

But the press is not clearly bound to lose. They are not powerless. In the old words of wisdom, never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. At the same time, Trump is the President of The United States, which is, itself, not a thing to take on lightly. How it comes out will be the stuff of history.

Either Trump is going to emerge as the greatest leader America has ever known, or the most disreputable. Alternatively, The United States may dissolve, one part aligning itself with Trump, the other part in opposition.

This is not as fanciful as it may, at first, appear. The South has never accepted its defeat in the Civil War. I, for one, have long advocated for letting them secede, after all. Unlike Lincoln, I think that war was about slavery, not Union. Further, I don’t think the South will succeed in resurrecting that institution, even though they might try. I don’t think the newly empowered black population of the South would tolerate it. But Trump might view being leader of a Republican South as preferable to being a bound, and restrained, leader of a divided country. New York, California and Washington might even lead their own seccession movement over climate change. If Trump approves.

The name, The United States of America, may be a sticking point, but I say, if they want it, let them have it.

So, in my fantasy, the future of The United States may be quite different from what you might expect. But I am not yet ready to bet on it.

What is evident, though, is that Trump and the conventional press have their horns locked. I am ignoring Sean Hannity and Fox News, whom I do not regard as either conventional nor journalists, but as participants in the fight. So, I guess, Trump’s strategy is, already, working even on me.

What is beyond me, though, is why we haven’t bombed North Korea yet. The result would surely be a big boast in Trump’s popularity, no matter how many South Koreans might die as a result. The angst of the generals advising Trump over such a move just doesn’t grasp the “make America great again” slogan like it should. I say, “off with their heads.” The generals, I mean.

I remember when Trump, himself, used to be great.

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  1. Hank Raymond says:

    How does the press combat being purchased by their enemies?

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