Trump’s Back In Town

Trump Is Back In Town

Well, it’s official, Trump is back in town. And his twitter account is active again. How I’ve missed him! For about a week we’ve heard little of him. We had to settle for Kushner news.

I’m speaking of Trump’s son in law, Jared. Seems he wanted to set up a private line between the Russians and the Trump campaign just after Trump won the election. Or was it before? I don’t know, and I really don’t care. Trump’s strategy is beginning to work on me. I’m fully tired of hearing about the nutcase. And I have at least three and one half more years to look forward to. Unless, of course, someone succeeds in assassinating him. Then we will have to put up with Pence, whom some of my friends, expatriates in Canada, say I will like even less. They say he would be worse, if for no other reason than his being a died-in-the-wool conservative.

If he is, he couldn’t be any worse than Trump. The guy strikes me as a madman.

Completely out of touch with reality, he is the biggest threat to peace I have ever seen. Why would anyone want him to have an army of his own, let alone the most powerful army in the world?

No wonder the Pope frowned in his presence. Or so it’s reported. The extent to which the press is playing into Trump’s rain of accusations is disturbing. Take, for instance, the report of Trump crowding his way to the front of a line on his trip last week. He reportedly shoved the prime minister of Montenegro out of the way to get to the front of a line at the Nato summit. But the video of the incident, at, doesn’t support that interpretation. Not definitively, anyway. It may have been as it was reported, and it may have just been Trump wanting to speak to another in the line; the video is not so clear. Perhaps more telling is Trump’s demeanor at the end of the video, when he strikes a presidential pose, I assume for the cameras.

He makes me sick. He is most embarrassing. How will we ever reach respect from the rest of the world with him in charge?

Talk of impeachment, though, is very much premature. So long as the Republicans continue to line up behind him, he is not at risk. And I see no chance of that folding at the moment.

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3 Responses to Trump’s Back In Town

  1. Dallas Smith says:

    As long as Trump voters still think he can do no wrong, Republican politicians have little reason (apart from common decency and common sense and concern for our country) to turn on Trump and initiate impeachment. Congressional majorities will have to shift in favor of Democrats for impeachment to become more likely.

  2. Hank Raymond says:

    How’s impeachment work? First the house has to impeach him by a majority? Then the senate has to vote him out by a 66% margin? Is that what’s required? Doubtful that will happen with Republicans holding the majority in both houses.

    • George says:

      I don’t know the details, only that the House impeaches and the Senate convicts or clears. I agree the chances of impeachment are minimal, especially so long as the Republicans continue to line up behind him. The public is apparently happy to let that continue. I am as nonplussed by America today as anyone.

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