Tuesday Already

Tuesday Already

Time seems to be passing so quickly, now. Not so much so, that I am having trouble keeping up. Quite the opposite, in fact. Nothing happens at all. It just happens, in its not happening way, really quickly. It’s Tuesday, already. Time to put out another blog. Actually, now that I’m sitting down in front of the computer, it’s Wednesday already.

Okay, so what should I write about this time? God, save me from Trump.

The radio was playing a story from Revel when I started this entry. It was about how a woman was murdered some forty-five years ago, and, because she was not identified, the murderer was never found. Before moving on, I just want to comment on how much more common getting away with murder is than we would like to think. Probably the most common way this actually takes place is never considered murder at all, like in the case of the branch whatever it was called, coal mine, where people died in an explosion which was the direct result of executives avoiding spending money to measure dangerous gases in the mine.That’s murder, and it should  be regarded as such.

Now it’s already Thursday. How quickly time passes, and still nothing has happened. The other day I found myself bemoaning the fact that I feel very much as if I have given up on most of my fights. There are virtually no supporters of my concerns about the eventual uninhabitability of this planet in the scientific community. Perhaps my position is just crazy. But I think it more likely it derives from my mathematical background. It seems to me to be a simple conclusion to be drawn from the increase  in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, nothing in the mass of research on climate change that I have reviewed in the last 70 years since the rise in greenhouse gases was documented changes that conclusion in the least. It is nothing but hopeful thinking.

But I have gotten old. There seems to be nothing left that I can do.

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3 Responses to Tuesday Already

  1. Dallas Smith says:

    George, I don’t know how much comfort it can be in your current situation. But know that Susan and I love you and have great respect for your ideas and blogs. All I can offer is for you to try to find joy or pleasure in the small daily parts of life. That’s the best thing that any of us can do.
    I’m flying to Israel tomorrow. Susan is already there with her sister. We’ll be continuing on to India, and I’ll be blogging. See, I’m offering something for you to look forward to…:-)

  2. Hank Raymond says:

    George, why don’t you write a list of 20 things you’d like to do and post it? I do that about every 9 months and it helps me to gain focus. My list is for 20 things to do in the next 5 years. It doesn’t matter if I ever do them or not. What matters is that I took the time to make the list. File your list somewhere and make a new list 9 months later. Then compare the lists.

  3. JoAnn says:

    All good ideas from your respondents George. And yet I feel your frustration. What CAN one person do? I guess just the best of what’s in front of us in this moment.

    Last night while visiting the neighborhood Wat (Buddhist monastery) here in Bangkok I thought about how scattered my attention was. Here I was seated among monks who dedicate their entire lives to growing awareness for the benefit of all beings. After a brief while of beating myself up for not doing more, I dedicated whatever tiny drop of merit,if any, my untrained mind garnered to end the suffering created for elephants by the hands of humans for the sake of human entertainment. I know it’s not much, and I certainly wouldn’t ever have enough alone in any case to end it, but it is where I find it important to place my attention and energies. That’s the area I have the most influence—where I place my efforts and energies—not the outcome. There is so much more contributing to that that’s not in my hands. It’s as one of my favorite teachers offers—it’s setting the compass of our heart. Where do I want to focus my energies and attention for the few brief moments we call life? What direction feels best for me to go?

    I love the idea of checking in with this regularly—I do it annually—and adjusting the direction as needed.

    Thanks for continuing to share your journey!

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