War in Syria Over, Or So I Gather

I could be wrong, of course, for I have been away from the news for several days now.  I haven’t heard who won yet, but I suspect I know.  Since it seems to have ended abruptly, I’d guess Bashar al-Assad took if hook line and sinker.

Two years ago, over dinner, the topic of the uprising in Syria came up.  The guests universally echoed the current, at the time, news commentary predicting the end of the Assad regime.  “it won’t last long” they chorused.

I didn’t see it.  Assad was routinely lying to the public and the U.S. was signaling its desire to stay out of it.  Assad hadn’t used chemical weapons and I didn’t believe his reassurances he wouldn’t use them if need be.  He had clear support from the Russians and I saw no reason to expect his regime was short-term.  His reserves and support seemed insurmountable to me.

I haven’t heard the word “Syria” but once or twice since the coup that isn’t a coup overthrew a democratically elected representative of the pro-Islamic group The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  So the messy little revolution in Syria must have ended.  The U.S. inability to take a stand is much more clearly working itself out on the newer field of competition, and our distaste for The Muslim Brotherhood, elected or no, has a very high profile.

Surely Syria hasn’t just morphed into a testimony to Americans’ short attention span.  Or has it?

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  1. Dallas Smith says:

    Syria is a stalemate. A large percentage of Syrian people will never forgive or trust Assad, no matter what he does. Meanwhile, the rebels cannot defeat Assad because the Russians will give him more and better weapons than the US will ever give the rebels. One analysis I read predicted a ten-year continuing civil war resulting in the disintegration of Syria.

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