What If The Election Were To Be Perceived As Stolen?

I’m composing this on Monday, 10/5/12.  The election has not happened, yet. It is still too close to call, according to the polls.

As benefits the press, the press is speculating about scenarios that would draw out the election to numerous post election fights.  I’d like to explore, or at least ask a question about the potential aftereffect of one scenario not brought to the public’s attention by any of this speculation.  It’s too hot to handle, too potentially volatile for them to suggest.

What if the Democrats lose, but not by what they perceive as a fair electoral process.  Again.

Many on the right, or even in the middle, don’t realize how strongly many on the left believe every election since George W Bush, in 2000, that’s been won by the Republicans has been stolen.  The only presidential election won by the Democrats, that of Obama in 2008, was too large a victory to be stolen.  This year will probably be well within the range it can be.  If the Democrats walk away thinking it has been, what will likely occur?

Well, most people, including most democrats, I suspect, hope there will be no major disruption.  No one wants a civil war, or anything approaching it.  some on the right may think they want one, as they probably think they will win, but no one will look back and be glad they had it.  Therefore they do not want it now.

When I was young, many of my peers advocated for a civil war, and some even took tangible steps to start one.  But most of us knew we didn’t want to have anything to do with one.  Thank God.

But if the right wing routinely steels close elections, do we still not want one?  I’m not so sure.  At some point, we have to realize that certain abuses can not be tolerated, if we are to remain under the illusion that we are a free people.  Routine theft of close elections is one of those things.

Addenda, composed 11/12/12.
Whew.  The election came out not even close.  Obama starts the second term without even suffering the cloud of being a minority President via a popular vote nationwide, which is how I believe all elections for President/Vice-President should be held.

What is surprising, besides how obviously the right wing pundits had misjudged the electorate and how much credibility their mistake had been given by the “mainstream media,” was the revelation that came to me from some of their remarks immediately following the election.  Many on the right seem to be under the exact same impression about  Democrats stealing the Obama election of 2008 and, presumably, again in 2012, as the left is of the 2000 and 2004 elections.

How can that be?  It’s so much easier, although still hard, to steal close elections than making close elections look like “not even” close ones, that it bogles the mind that this idea could even be entertained.

I mean, the left may even be a bit paranoid in thinking what they/we do about 2000 and 2004.  But surely even the right wing must realize how obviously paranoid it is to think there is any chance the elections of 2008 and 2012 were, in any way, stolen.

No wonder they won’t compromise.  They’ve apparently lost all contact with reality.

There’s a bit of philosophy that I think is apropos here: there is nothing so dangerous as someone who thinks, without question, that he/she is right.

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