What is it about sociopaths?

More on the stories that hover on the edge of the news: an NPR story on the continuing interest of the Mexican public in Pablo Escobar, the infamous head of the biggest drug cartel a decade or so ago.  I’ve long noticed that, to be a great leader, one almost has to have many traits that, in the rest of us, would be identified with being a sociopath.

Anyone else notice this?  Well, even a “leader,” let alone the obscuring adjective “great .” Think Cheny, Hitler, Asad, and almost any other of the memorable names from history, ancient or current.

Leaders just naturally have no interest in what’s right or wrong, just what is doable and efficient.

What is it with sociopaths?  Why do so many of them rise to leadership?  Surely it’s not just how good they are as loyal agents during that point in their lives where they are on the way up.

If it is, then what is it with us? As we so in unobservant?

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