What Now?

So now what? We have no idea what a Trump presidency will be like. The range of possibilities is immense. In the worse case, his Hitler-like tendencies, as widely seen, might only be an understatement. In the best case, he may be a lot more sane than I think. I have little faith that the best case is apt to be the case.

Call me an alarmist, but I hate it when I so hope I am wrong.

On at least one point I am especially worried about Trump. His climate change denial. How are we going to meet such a challenge as actual climate change if we refuse to acknowledge it?  This is a formula for disaster.

If the U.S. ignores climate change will that make it go away? Will it help us adapt?

Here’s how I think it went. First of all, the media listened to itself far too enthusiastically. Like for the denial crowd itself, ignoring the potential of the disaster is not going to make it any less likely, and learning that is not going to be easy. Perhaps the expectation actually contributed to the rise of the Trump phenomenon itself, like denialism promises to do. Secondly, the electorate was mad. I think the electorate suffers from not connecting the anger to the cause of the things which anger them. There seems to me to be a strange coincidence between the vote going for those who caused the problem and those who are most angry. People are mad at government because they perceive the government doing nothing. How does that motivate the electorate to vote for those who have caused the government to do nothing? I’m talking about Republicans, here.

True, the Democrats under Obama didn’t accomplish nearly as much as they might have. Obama, in my opinion, was far too willing to be conciliatory, throughout his administration, but especially at the first.. But how is electing Trump going to fix that? Well, maybe doing all the wrong things will, somehow, be better than doing nothing.

I have only a little faith in American democracy. Americans no longer ave much understanding of government. If I understand it correctly, civics, once universally required in high schools throughout the land, now rarely is. My brother disputes my assessment of how bad things might be. But then he supported Trump and welcomed anyone other than Hillary. Other than any Democrat, really. Now, Hillary was probably the worst candidate the Democrats could have fielded, but why Trump prevailed defies explanation, other than an irresponsible electorate.

And what is going on with all these belated protests? Surely they understood at least that the time to organize was before Tuesday, not after. Even without the civics class you’d think they would have known that much.

I am one of the many who is now considering leaving the United States. Funny, so many once disagreed so much with my assessment of what the U.S. was doing that they wanted me to do just that, but I only considered it a reasonable possibility now that Trump is about to take power. January 20th is as much a deadline for me, now, as anything.

It is not so easy. When Vietnam was the issue, Canada was a hiding place for many of my peers. But it does not seem to fulfill all of today’s requirements. For one thing, it may not be far enough removed. Trump may be willing to invade Canada when it becomes apparent his values are in direct contradiction with reality. He is now going to have the U.S. army at his disposal. Canada, for many, was little more than a way to avoid a very unpopular war. We had the draft then, remember. Also, Every country wants emigrants who are young, fit, and rich. I fit none of those characteristics. I probably will not find anywhere eager to have me.

No such refuge as Canada was in the Vietnam era is available, or needed, today. Part of Trump’s appeal was that no-one knew what he really stands for. That means the electorate gets to project anything onto him that they want to. Everyone now seems happy to do that. Everyone seems to hope Trump will not be Trump. But that is not what got him elected. It is not who he is. Who he is is who he said he was.

How very perplexing.

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3 Responses to What Now?

  1. Fred Drake says:

    Once he builds the wall it will be harder to invade Mexico. Maybe you should consider moving there. Lol Or maybe you should just wait to see if the sky is really falling.

  2. Hank Raymond says:

    I love this quote. I’m going to use it: “People are mad at government because they perceive the government doing nothing. How does that motivate the electorate to vote for those who have caused the government to do nothing? I’m talking about Republicans, here.”

    As far as why Hillary didn’t get elected… It’s because she made a huge strategic error that no one is talking about right after she got nominated. The error was that she chose Tim Kane as a running mate instead of Bernie Sanders. That was such a stupid move! She would have won easily if Bernie were on her ticket. Tim Kane brought absolutely NOTHING to the party. Bernie would have brought millions of votes.

    As to your comment on your faith in American democracy…. One of the things going on is all of the conspiracy theorists and fake news on the internet. You’d be surprised to know how popular people like Alex Jones are. Next time you’re with a group of people, ask the group how many of them are Alex Jones fans. Do you know who he is? Have you listened to him? Go check out his Youtube channel if you want to see bizarre stuff that people just soak up.

    I think your statement that Trump “is who he said he was.” is incorrect. No! As both Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders (among others) said, “He is a pathological liar.” I can’t understand how anyone who’s been watching him for the last few years can believe that he means anything he says. He just says whatever comes to his mind at that moment. The truth or facts have no relevance to anything he says. It amuses me to hear reporters say things like “Trump said he’s going to _________.” and then ask how he’s going to do that. They don’t understand that just because he said he’ll do something or believes something, doesn’t mean that he has any intention of doing it or believes it.

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