What We Do Not Talk About

What We Do Not Talk About

Climate change. Well, we talk about that all the time,don’t we? But do we, really? no one seems ready to discuss uninhabitability as a possible outcome. I maintain that is a very likely outcome, and our not talking about it only makes it more likely. The problem is not “climate change.” It is “global warming.”

That uninhabitability is a likely outcome is a simple conclusion to be drawn from our observations of Mars and Venus. Mars probably once had a very Earth-like environment. Venus is beset by a clear runaway greenhouse gas effect. Neither is currently habitable. That means nothing can live in either place. We’re not talking people here, when I say nothing I mean it. Nothing. And I’m not talking some distant future here, either. Climate Change is not a concern of a billion years down the  line, no matter how you name it. Even climate deniers admit that, I think. The only reason I don’t know for sure is the I have done nothing to learn more.

Whether the deniers believe climate change is an immanent, looming, or nonexistent problem interests me not in the least. Deniers have earned my disgust. To deny climate change is real, as so many seem to do, is, in my opinion, criminal.     To deny the scientific consensus on this issue is plain stupid. Ever since the realization that our atmosphere is getting richer in greenhouse gases, which was discovered in the mid 1950’s, the logical conclusion has been clear: this is the most important thing to confront the planet Earth since the atmosphere was oxygenated billions of years ago. To say anything less is to hide one’s head in the sand.

And yet that is precisely what seems to have happened. Scientists have, for the most part, fled the scene. Oh, they continue to do their research, but the accepted norm is to always minimize the urgency of the overwhelming result. No matter how consistently the indicators come back that global warming is real, human caused, and of far greater potential impact than previously thought, scientists rally around the flag that all will be okay, chanting that refrain as if repeating it would make it so.

Meanwhile, the Earth gets warmer, options get fewer, and the problem grows as the exponential function does. Soon it will be too late to respond at all.

Like the Easter Islanders, we will be stranded without an option to save ourselves.

But, what, me worry?     I will likely be long dead by the time the average person begins to realize there no longer any hope. So, what, me worry?

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3 Responses to What We Do Not Talk About

  1. Fred Drake says:

    Do you think Mars and Venus were once populated by an earth like industrial society? If not why do you believe global warming is not just a “shit happens” event ?

  2. Dallas Smith says:

    Human nature is immediate and short-sighted. One need only look at how many smokers ignore the longterm effects of their addiction. We’re currently addicted to petroleum products. It may be too late to escape the consequences even if we eventually transcend the addition.

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