What’s Really Going On?

On The Apple–FBI Debate

So what I don’t get is this: What gives the government the right to ask for Apple’s help in  exercising the power given it by the courts. And why hasn’t Apple raised the same question?

It’s sort of like the government is asking the perp to help break down the door. It seems to me the government may be within its rights to order Apple to turn over whatever it knows about the terrorist’s activity, including who the shooters may have spoken to before they shot people. But what if Apple had no such knowledge?

And who determines whether Apple is really helping or not? The government? Smells of a conflict of interest to me.

In addition why is this being sold as an encryption issue? My best friend of years was an internet/computer expert. I met him when he was in the MAT program in mathematics at UC Davis. I also have a background in mathematics, so I know a little about encryption, which is really just a subset of mathematics, and could discuss it with him.

If I understand it correctly, the issue in the Apple case isn’t really encryption, it is  about  protection of passwords. That makes more sense to me in any case, since Pann, my friend, once told me how to guarantee privacy of my own communications by using freely available encryption software. Encryption is generally a matter of knowing the product of two large prime numbers. All that is required for either sender or recipient to encode or decipher the message is the composite number and one of the prime factors, which can be communicated in a variety of ways.

As for why Apple hasn’t brought this up; it is  my most worrisome concern. This cannot  be something they just overlooked. I wonder what is really going on.

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  1. Hank Raymond says:

    Here’s something to read or listen to on the subject, Interview of Richard Clarke

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