Why Not Just Let It Be?

Why Not Just Let It Be

In many ways, the best argument against terraforming Mars is the one based on simple observation of the universe. It’s a big place. Even just our galaxy contains billions of stars, and there are billions of galaxies in the universe. Recently, the consensus amongst those who should know seems to be that there are far more planets than stars. In view of this, I think it only hutzpah on our part that makes it possible for us to imagine that Earth may be the only place where life not only exists, but is intelligent. Also, it figures that some of those cultures are probably on the verge of becoming multi-planet.

Why should we actively pursue that goal? Why not just let nature take its course?

After all, isn’t it also likely that, somewhere in the universe, an intelligent species is already multi-planet? Is it really our place to impose humanity, with all of its flaws, on the universe? Maybe that’s not an obvious consequence, but it certainly is a possible one.

Yeah, I think it is our place. We don’t know, and probably can’t know, the place of humans in the universe. But we can, and should, do everything we can to protect and extend our influence. I say that as if it is obvious because I have to. I have to because I am a human. Somewhere we have to believe in our own goodness, or there must only be badness. Let’s all hope that goodness prevails in the universe, and let’s hope we are part of that. Let’s at least try.

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  1. Hank Raymond says:

    The problem with finding “intelligent life is the deep time issue as exemplified by the Drake Equation. “How long does a technological civilization last before it disappears.?” If you define the invention of radio as the beginning date of a technological civilization, and the end of radio as the end, how long does a typical technological civilization last? The first broadcast radio in USA was 1920, so we are almost at 100 years as a technological civilization. Will we last another 100 years? If the typical technological civilization lasts less than 200 years, the Drake Equation tells us that we are probably the only technological civilization in our galaxy at this time. Non-technological life however is probably abundant.

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