(Repost) You Guys, Learn To Stand Up. You Other Guys, Get Over It.

Headline: solution to gun violence is more guns.


The NRA responds precisely as expected, proving their sole allegiance to gun manufacturers.  If this doesn’t disqualify them from being taken seriously in the debate this nation must engage in following the Newtown massacres, I don’t know what will.

Why they haven’t proposed arming all firefighters, all movie theater ushers, all mall store or filling station clerks, all the kids going to and from school, anyone wearing a hoody after dark in Florida, and all the politicians giving public addresses, beats me.  Surely there must be a profit for their backers in such a strategy.

America is currently confronting a classic example of “cognitive dissonance.”  Torn between how we’ve come to understand (largely through the NRA’s propaganda) the second amendment and the need to protect our citizens, the country is now at a point of mental breakdown.

Here is the second amendment: “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

It’s long past time for the discussion to move beyond what laws fit under the
rubrics that specify compliance with the second amendment agreed to
by the gun lobby.  It’s time to talk about repeal of the second amendment.  With the NRA’s current power, I think a clarifying amendment would be a bad idea.  We need to resolve the tension inherent in our current understanding of the second amendment.  The best way is to go back to the constitution as it was originally adopted (there were enough states already in support of it before the bill of rights was adopted with the goal of bringing in the rest).

Repealing the second amendment wouldn’t mean law abiding people can’t have guns.  That’s NRA bullshit.  For government to be able to regulate what guns people can have is transparently a good idea.

And with over three hundred million guns already out there, the fear that government would attempt to take them away is laughably paranoid.

The original intent of the second amendment, through the bloodiest civil war/insurrection of our history, has been negated anyway.  The South may not like it still, but they lost.8

The same is true of the T-party/right wing and the last election.

It’s a Union, guys!  And it’s a democracy.  You lost.  We’re in it together, so enough with the “we’d rather see this country self-destruct than go along with the majority to get something–anything done.”

That’s bullshit and unAmerican.  Grow up.  Get over it.  Act like Americans.

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