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Exhibition arrangement for 2018
Release time:2018-01-15 Publisher: Sanhe Machinery
2018Annual Exhibition Arrangement

12018Shenzhen International Industrial Parts Exhibition

Booth number:4D02

Exhibition time:2018year3month29day-4month1day

Exhibition location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center   

II2018Guangdong Machine Tool Exhibition

Booth number:1-078

Exhibition time:2018year4month26day-28day

Exhibition venue: Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

 3、 The 18th China (Zhongshan) Machine Tool Mold and Plastic Machinery Exhibition

Booth number:C09

Exhibition time:2018year6month28day-30day

Exhibition location: Zhongshan Expo Center

Welcome all new and old friends to come and guide us at that time!

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