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Tin lead bronze sleeve ZCuSn10Pb5
Tin lead bronze sleeve ZCuSn10Pb5
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Copper sleeve It serves as a bearing and belongs to the general category of sliding bearings. It is a bearing that operates under sliding friction and rotates relative to the shaft. Generally, it needs to be assisted by a lubrication system for operation. Sliding bearings work smoothly, reliably, and without noise. Under liquid lubrication conditions, the sliding surface is separated by lubricating oil without direct contact, which can greatly reduce friction loss and surface wear. The oil film also has a certain vibration absorption ability, which plays a role in lubrication, heat dissipation, friction reduction, and prolonging service life.
Copper sleeves are mainly used in industries such as machinery, printing and dyeing, papermaking, chemical industry, aerospace, coal, petroleum, automotive, engineering machinery, and metallurgy.

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